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Press the Pause Button

Have you every found yourself in a situation gone-wrong which you never anticipated would go the way it went? A misunderstanding that was never intended to be, or a simple dialogue that turned into a mighty storm. These things can happen in relationships of every kind: between husbands and wives, parents and their children, co-workers, … Press the Pause Button“>Continue reading Press the Pause Button

Stay in the Fight, Claim What is Yours

It takes the grace of God to stay strong in any difficult situation. Yet, it is what must be done in order to experience victory in any area of one’s life. The confidence we have as believers is that, we are fighting a battle that has already been won. You may ask, if the battle … Stay in the Fight, Claim What is Yours“>Continue reading Stay in the Fight, Claim What is Yours

Finishing the Year Victoriously!

The year is almost over!! I sense an excitement in my own spirit because I am hearing the sound of abundant harvest. The Bible says that, when the clouds are full, the rains will fall. (Ecclesiastes 11:3a). What sound are you hearing? Have you already counted this year out because you have not yet seen … Finishing the Year Victoriously!“>Continue reading Finishing the Year Victoriously!

Press In!

There are times in life when we go through certain situations and it looks like we have reached the end of the rope and there is nowhere to turn to. In the natural, everything is telling us to just give up but I tell you, that is the time to press in especially when we know that … Press In!“>Continue reading Press In!

Lord, but why???

Have you ever wondered where God is, in what you are going through? Do you see a connection between where you are and where you are going? Does it make sense to you why you go through certain situations? May be God sees things differently than we do sometimes. Why does the Bible say in … Lord, but why???“>Continue reading Lord, but why???

While You Are Waiting for a Breakthrough!

Have you ever been in a place where you are trusting God for a breakthrough in a seemingly difficult situation or you are praying to Him for a miracle in one area of your life or another? I have been in those places many times. Going through difficult situations may be extremely uncomfortable at times but I have found out that, it is … While You Are Waiting for a Breakthrough!“>Continue reading While You Are Waiting for a Breakthrough!

Walking on Water with Focus!

A few months ago, I made a transition to fully embrace what God has called me to do and it involved taking a major step. I literally felt like I was stepping out to walk on water but I still went ahead and took the step anyway. Prior to taking this step, I had what … Walking on Water with Focus!“>Continue reading Walking on Water with Focus!