While You Are Waiting for a Breakthrough!

Have you ever been in a place where you are trusting God for a breakthrough in a seemingly difficult situation or you are praying to Him for a miracle in one area of your life or another? I have been in those places many times. Going through difficult situations may be extremely uncomfortable at times but I have found out that, it is during such periods that we are developed internally the most. However, this development does not come automatically, we have a part to play and God has a part to play. It works in such a way that, when we play our part, it makes it easy for God to do the work He wants to do in us and for us to experience the breakthrough we are hoping for. When this work is done, we’ll come out bigger, better and stronger.

Do you know that, whatever you are going through now, even though it may not be comfortable, it is working out some things in you. Patience, perseverance, empathy towards others, faith, trusting in God against all odds are some of the things that you can experience when you are going through trials but you are maintaining the right attitude.

I remember my husband facing a situation years ago that seemed really unfair, I was personally pained for him, not just because he is my husband but because I know that, no person should be treated that way at all. He maintained his cool and kept declaring that God would work things out in his favor, that there would be a turnaround.  The”turnaround” did not happen immediately, in actual fact, the situation seemed like forever but in the midst of this unfairness, we as a family experienced a different dimension of God, His faithfulness, His provision and favor. In due time, my husband was taken care of in a way that brought glory to God. Was the trial scary? Yes! Was it painful? Absolutely! There was that room to be negative and offended but God in His grace helped us to take the high road and trust Him, we rested in His peace and in the end He came through.

You may experience or be experiencing a situation that is different from my husband’s but God’s faithfulness remains the same and if you trust and rest in Him inspite of what you are experiencing, He will surely come through for you. It is easy to lose heart when it looks like your situation is not changing, while I don’t deny that, I also know that, there are things we can do to stay encouraged against all odds. I am going to list a few points (in no particular order) plus scriptures that can help you while you are waiting for a turnaround or that open door. Please take time to check out the scriptures associated with each point, you will be richly blessed.

  1. Stand firm trusting God within you and don’t shift position no matter what – Psalm 37:5
  2. Maintain a positive attitude at all times, it attracts favor to you – Psalm 50:23
  3. Say what God says regarding your situation, keep speaking life even against all odds – Proverbs 18:21
  4. Keep your heart from offense, bitterness and anger, give your hurt or pain to God – Ephesians 4:31
  5. Forgive if your situation warrants it, unforgiveness closes the door on your breakthrough – Mark 11:25-26

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In Christ’s love,
Toyin John