Press In!

There are times in life when we go through certain situations and it looks like we have reached the end of the rope and there is nowhere to turn to. In the natural, everything is telling us to just give up but I tell you, that is the time to press in especially when we know that God is who He says He is.

I am reminded of the story of the woman with the issue of blood, who had suffered for twelve solid years and no physician could help her. The Bible records that her whole livelihood had gone into treating this sickness, yet she received no solution. (Matthew 9:20-22)

It was impressed upon my heart the other day that, this woman never gave up hope, she carried a mental picture in her mind and kept saying to herself that she would one day be healed if only, she could just get an access to the miracle Worker, the Lord Jesus Himself. She must have heard that, He was coming to her town, she knew that, now was the time for her to carry out all she had been playing in her mind. How many times do we go through situations in life and yield to the pressures of carrying the wrong picture in our minds and saying the wrong things?

This woman’s move was against the tradition, you see, she was deemed “unclean” due to her situation and should not be in the crowd. But she was not going to let the opinions of people, their criticism, judgment or tradition stop her from receiving her miracle, she determined in her heart that she would press in. Against the crowd, the struggle, the weakness, the frailty of her own body and the risk of being caught, she pressed in. She got access to the Healer, touched the hem of His garment, healing virtue flowed through Him into her body and she was made instantly whole! Wow! What a display faith!

It is possible to look at this as just another Bible story but if we look at it from the perspective of an act of  faith of a fellow human being like us, who chose to go the extra mile to experience the extraordinary, I believe we would learn a thing or two from her story.

  • Firstly, in spite of her humanly hopeless situation, she never gave up hope, she nursed a belief in her heart that, Jesus Christ had the ability to heal her.
  • Secondly, that belief formed the mental picture she carried in her mind, she must have seen herself healed before it happened.
  • Thirdly, she spoke into existence what she believed in her heart and gave power through her words to the picture in her mind.
  • Fourthly, she acted in faith when the opportunity came, she did not wait nor consider all the odds against her, she just pressed in and experienced her long awaited miracle.

How do these things relate to us? Are you experiencing a situation that seems hopeless, I want to encourage you to rekindle the fire of hope in your heart, rise up from within you, tall and strong in faith. Begin to see the end result you desire concerning your situation, fix your mind on that positive and victorious ending, “whatever you think about, you bring about”, the popular saying goes. Release the word of God over that situation, the word of God has the inherent ability to change any situation if you will stand steadfastly on it and not waver. Lastly, act in faith, whatever that step of faith may be for you, when the time comes, rise up and act in faith and don’t give in to doubt, fear or unbelief.

I encourage you to press in and not give up. It may be hard and difficult, don’t lose hope, keep pressing in and experience God’s intervention in your situation.

In Christ’s love,

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