Finishing the Year Victoriously!

The year is almost over!! I sense an excitement in my own spirit because I am hearing the sound of abundant harvest. The Bible says that, when the clouds are full, the rains will fall. (Ecclesiastes 11:3a). What sound are you hearing? Have you already counted this year out because you have not yet seen the manifestation of what you are believing God for? I want to encourage you not to give up. It’s time to rise up and charge your faith battery, rev up your faith car and go full speed!

​Faith is the currency of heaven, if you must experience victory here on earth, then you must be plugged into faith. It must be alive in you. You may say, “Well, I don’t have faith”, my answer is YOU DO! God has given everyone of us a measure of faith but we must develop it so that, it can grow. Faith is like a muscle, you must develop it to make it strong.
​So how does faith come? As we  know, it comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). When you hear it, speak it, let your heart receive and believe it.

​What are you saying concerning the areas you are believing God for? Are you speaking the problem or are you saying what God’s word says about it? It takes diligent application of effort to keep at it until you get results.

​At the beginning of the year, one of the things the Lord impressed upon my heart so strongly was that, many would come into their breakthroughs if, they would listen to, and obey His instructions. I have witnessed many people experience breakthroughs by simple acts of obedience to divine instructions. My question to you is that, have you followed every instruction the Lord brought your way so far? Either directly or indirectly. If your answer is no, simply repent and get back on track, God knows how to re-route you back on the victory lane.

​As the year wraps up, rise up and begin to seek God with all your heart, (Matthew 6:33), search for Him diligently in prayer and worship, be committed to seeking out His word concerning your situation and diligently, study, meditate and SPEAK IT! Be in alignment with Him by observing to DO what His word says (Joshua 1:8), and watch things turn around for your good.

​Make up your mind to end the year in victory, God has already finished the work, you only need to play your own part in order to experience your breakthroughs. PRESS IN.